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The PhishMarket™

a new way to secure your most valuable assets — your employees

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A Cyber Awareness Program that Gets Results

  • Grounded in Behavior-Designed Best Practices
  • Exposes underlying bias’ that hackers use to defeat our phish defenses
  • Positive reinforcement plus sustained micro-exposure yields behavior change

How The PhishMarket™ Works

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Components of The PhishMarket™’s Digitally-Mindful Behavior Program


Interactive and engaging lessons designed to create new, healthier online habits.

Each lesson typically takes 2 to 4 minutes to complete and is part of a 4 week course on topics from Intro to Phishing to Digital Hygiene to Behavioral Biases. 

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Phish Simulations

Testing phish susceptibility and reinforcing employee phish reporting.

While employees are taking  micro-lessons, we send them (fake) phish and encourage them to report anything they find to your help desk or our reporting center.


Providing the insights you need to ensure your online environment stays secure.

Our program provides you with ongoing updates on participation as well as results of cyber-awareness comprehension in order to satisfy compliance requires.

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“By focusing on helping people feel successful, [The PhishMarket™] produced a positive result: a 30% reduction in overall phish susceptibility, and for individuals who had already been identified as habitual “phish clickers”, a reduction from 35% susceptivity to 0%. All in a four week period.”

— Stanford Peace Innovation Lab


For CNA insured Firms With Less Than or Equal to 100 employees

For CNA insured Firms With More Than 100 employees

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